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Dream Your Dream & Create The Vision...

Imagine the wish that was granted,

To grow the seeds you have planted.

To be given a dream of 75 years,

And live it fully without any fears.

What dream would you project?

Limitless creations to perfect.

Is the dream different than life now?

Or something you would do anyhow?

We have to live our lives each day,

As a creative mind excited to play.

Holding on to our deepest dreams,

Instead of living between extremes.

Not allowing fear to guide the way,

It is Love that is ready to stay.

That vision we see is what is real,

The raw Truth life's known to conceal.

To get to it we must have more Faith,

The Love of self and what we create.

Trusting gifts & messages received,

Not wavering from what we believe.

This honoring of the heart and soul,

Makes us feel more happy and whole.

So let this dream of a new vision,

Help you to see your good decision.

Listening to your heart's desires,

Following inner passions and fire.

Creating a life filled with laughter,

And a happily ever after.

It is so simple and easy to see,

All you have to do in this life is BE!

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