Essence Challenge This Week...

We have been blessed to learn from some of the top perfumers, farmers, essential oil suppliers, and herbalists about how to blend essences for the highest and greatest health and wellbeing. Our favorite blend is an ancient one that was once called Thieves oil due to the stories about the 4 thieves steeling from dead bodies during the plague and remaining healthy due to a blend of plants that kept the dis-ease at bay. When COVID-19 hit, about a month after we started our company, we took it as a sign that we needed to offer our own Sacred Thieves Blend. Since that time, we have learned that another company has actually trademarked the name Thieves so that no other essential oil company can call their Thieves Blends by that name. After receiving papers from their lawyers and a choice to change our name or get sued, we have chosen the option to change the name. This is where the essence challenge comes in...

We have come up with some names already that fit our numerology requirements as options for a new name, but we would Love to hear from YOU. Please either email back to this newsletter, call us, email through the website, or reach out via social media with any names you come up with that you like. We will see if the numerology is good and then keep it as an option. On January 13th, we will announce the new name and the winner of a free bottle of our Sacred Thieves Blend with the first new label on it. Thank you for helping us to overcome a small obstacle in order to help even more people with the power of this blend. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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