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Essence of the Week...Australian Sandalwood

Australian Sandalwood is made from the wood of a small Australian tree with a genus of 25 species. She has been harvested since the 1840's in Western Australia. Aborigines used boiled Sandalwood bark as a cough medicine.

Australian Sandalwood is an immune system stimulant that can be used for strep and staph infections as well as a sore throat, cough, and bronchitis. She is a heart tonic and great for circulation, lymphatic flow, and varicose veins. Australian Sandalwood is good for diarrhea, constipation, nausea, heartburn, and metabolism. She purifies the urinary bladder and can be used for infections, UTI's, prostate, kidney, bladder, or pelvic congestion, impotence, and stimulating the sexual organs. For the skin, she helps infected wounds, acne, and dry, cracked, aging skin. She soothes tight muscles and helps with nervous tension. Overall, Australian Sandalwood nurtures the entire being to perform at its best.

Energetically and emotionally speaking, Australian Sandalwood is a protector and remover of blocks. She shifts stagnant or negative feelings in order to embrace one's bliss. Australian Sandalwood helps one to find the joy in life once again in order to feel good in one's skin, comfortable in one's life and body, and a deeper sense of self. This spirit guide helps to bring the clarity and confidence in order to be the person one has always wanted to be. She is helpful in stepping into a higher purpose and intention in order to be guided in the direction of the highest destiny.


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