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Essence of the Week: Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon Leaves and Bark all come from the same bushy evergreen tree in Sri Lanka. In Arabic, the botanical name means fragrant spice plant. They have been used since antiquity, and have been known to help with pain, digestion, and for boosting immunity.

Cinnamon Leaves are anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. They are amazing for digestion, from oral hygiene to colitis, gas, or dyspepsia. These powerful leaves help with pain in the body, gout pain, or a sore throat. Cinnamon Leaves are used for respiratory infections, bronchitis, and a bad cough. For the skin, the leaves help lice, warts, stings, and bites. For the reproductive system, Cinnamon Leaves promote the moon cycle, support contractions during birth, and help with impotence and frigidity.

Energetically, Cinnamon Leaves help warm emotional coldness or fear. They are good for depression, and help promote self-Love. This powerful medicine helps with repressed anger in order for one to be able to let it go and express one's truth.


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