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Essence of the Week: Cornmint

Cornmint is a perennial herb with spiked purple flowers. She is known as the coldest plant in the mint family and is sometimes called "Japanese Mint" even though she is from India. She spreads out on the ground by crawling out from her rhizomes, and she grows abundantly under the right conditions.

Cornmint is a powerful pain killer used for muscle aches, nerve pain, menstrual cramping, and stomach problems. She is a tonic for the kidneys, liver, and gallbladder, and works wonderfully in clearing congestion in the lungs. Cornmint is a blood pressure harmonizer that helps to calm heart palpitations and constricted vessels. For headaches and migraines, the mint family is superb in relieving pain and pressure. She is also excellent for skin conditions like eczema, scabies, lice, ringworm, blackheads, rashes, welts, sunburn, and dermatitis. Cornmint is a strong immune booster that can help cool a fever and treat the common cold and flu.

Energetically, Cornmint is anti-depressant. She calms the mind when it is racing and empowers self-Love. When we have negative perceptions of the world around us and are not reaching out for support or help, Cornmint supports a shift out of the limited mind and into empowerment. She is a powerhouse that give energy and positivity.


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