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Essence of the Week: German Chamomile

German Chamomile is also called Blue Chamomile, and is an annual herb with daisy-like flowers and white petals. She is used in foods and beverages as a flavoring agent.

German Chamomile helps to relieve pain while helping to calm and relax the body in order to rest peacefully. She is wonderful for the skin and hair, and can be used on cuts, bruises, boils, burns, insect bites, rashes, and so much more. Chamomile is known to help soothe digestion, and she is also great for reproductive health and moon cycle disharmonies. She can be used for teething, to help break a fever, and as a natural fungicide. German Chamomile is a white blood cell stimulant, and is wonderful for people in cancer treatments to help keep their immune system strong.

Energetically, German Chamomile helps to calm anger and excess fire by creating a more peaceful state of consciousness. When you need help being patient, or find yourself stressed out or agitated, put a few drops of German Chamomile on the heart and take three deep breaths. She can help to instantly shift the mind back to Love.

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