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Essence of the Week: Hyssop

Hyssop is an evergreen shrub native to the mediterranean area. She is a bee, hummingbird, and butterfly attractor, and is known for her energetic properties of protection and cleansing.

Hyssop is anti-viral and anti-parasitic. She is excellent for the lungs, digestion, the heart, and the reproductive organs. She helps with wounds, cuts, scars, and eyelid infections. For pain, she helps to calm spasms and relieves arthritic and rheumatic conditions. Research says she is helpful for certain cancers, MS, and cystic infections.

Energetically, Hyssop is our beloved Queen of Forgiveness. She helps to raise the vibratory frequency of the body and mind, clearing anxiety and depression and allowing one to go deep within to find peace and restore the flow of sacredness. Turn to Hyssop to help work through grief, let go of blaim, and own the reality we are co-creating.

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