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Essence of the Week: Juniper Berry...

Juniper Berries come from an evergreen tree that can live to be over 2000 years old. Juniper Berries were traditionally eaten when food was scarce in the winter time. They were also roasted and used as a coffee alternative my many natives. Juniper Berries are also what gives the flavoring in today's gin.

Juniper Berry is a wonderful healer of toxicity in the body. She helps to remove uric acid from the blood, is anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal. Juniper Berry helps to cleanse the intestinal tract, sooth the stomach, and works as an overall tonic for the body. She helps with pain and in restoring the nerves. She is also a natural diuretic and helps to decrease swelling in the limbs. This powerful healer is great for mental clarity, memory, and revitalizing the entire being. Insects are repelled by her scent because she acts like a natural pesticide, and she is amazing for soothing insect bites.

Energetically, Juniper Berry is an ally when starting anew - making the decision to leave the past behind. She helps one to claim full responsibility for the reality created, and to be empowered to make positive changes moving forward. Juniper Berry is great for energizing the nervous system, which creates the space for the higher self to communicate with the physical self. When acting withdrawn from society, shy, or unable to face conflict, she is one of the best plant teachers to help clear obstacles and blocks inside in order to rise out of a stagnant state of being.

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