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Essence of the Week: Petitgrain Combava

Petitgrain Combava is a thorny, bushy evergreen tree from Madagascar with large, delicate, but wrinkled, lime-looking fruits. She is used in sacred bathing ceremonies for cleansing the energy bodies before the holy days. Petitgrain Combava has more citronellal constituents that Citronella itself.

Petitgrain Combava is a natural sedative, helping to calm inflammation and tension, and reducing spasms and muscle pain. She is also great to use for rheumatism and arthritic conditions. The petitgrains relate to the twigs, leaves, and branches of the tree, and typically act as a heart soother and physical and emotional calmer. Petitgrain Combava is wonderful for most skin ailments, although her citrus properties can be warming for some skin types. She is a natural deodorizer and is very cleansing for the body. Her medicine is also a wonderful insect repellent.

Energetically, Petitgrain Combava fights depression, anxiety, doubt, and most self-sabotaging behaviors. She supports positive change and living outside of the comfort zone. When life may be calling for a course correction in order to move toward the direction of one's personal joy and fulfillment, Petitgrain Combava will support letting go of the frequencies that are not in alignment.


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