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Essence of the Week... Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil is native to Africa and Asia, and there are many different varieties that grow all over the planet in today's age. Our Sweet Basil is from India. Her Latin name comes from the Greek work, okimon, which means aromatic plant. It is said that Basil was found growing around Jesus' tomb after he was resurrected. This is the reason why some Greek Orthodox churches use Basil plants for alters and in preparing their Holy Water. Even some courtrooms in India have used Basil like a Bible to swear upon because she was believed to be a plant of Divinity.

Sweet Basil is a digestive queen. She helps with constipation, gas, hiccups, intestinal cleanser, spasms, ulcers, and nausea. She is a natural liver decongestant and pancreas aid. Sweet Basil is anti-viral and great for the common cold, flu, fevers, and infections in the body. As a decongestant, she is also great for restoring one's sense of smell when sick. She is amazing for asthma, bronchitis, earaches and deep coughing. Sweet Basil is great for the heart and blood flow, and she is balancing for the blood pressure. She is also wonderful for muscle pain, spasms, chronic arthritis and rheumatism. Sweet Basil can also be used for menstrual cramps, moon cycle regulation, and prostate inflammation. There really isn't much that she can't do. Remember that she can be warm to the skin, use responsible, and watch her make her magic happen!

Energetically, Sweet Basil calms nervousness. She is known to soothe schizophrenic tendencies, anxiety, hysteria, depression, and other nervous disorders. She is even great for addictions in calming the nerves as the body detoxifies itself. Sweet Basil reveals the mistruths that we tell ourselves, and over time, believe to be true. She helps us clear abuse from our energy fields, allowing a clearer perspective that no abuse is deserved or okay. She is a powerhouse for working on our karmic patterning and letting go of the lies we tell ourselves. When you are ready to let go of falsehood and merge with positive change - she's your girl!

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