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Essence of the Week... Sweet Birch

Sweet Birch is a strong and powerful tree whose bark is used in the creation of an essential oil through the process of maceration. This networking family of trees actually grow up and out from the roots of another Sweet Birch Tree. They are wonderful communicators that can help us navigate through this Mercury year.

Sweet Birch is a natural pain reliever and great for sore muscles, sprains, strains, gout pain, achey joints, cramps, arthritis, and rheumatism. She is anti-septic and helps the body eliminate uric acid that collects in the joints. This amazing tree also helps to balance blood pressure and strengthen and cleans the arteries. She is a liver stimulant and kidney tonic and is great for water retention. Sweet Birch can support relieving a headache while promoting hair growth when anointed directly onto the head. For the skin, Sweet Birch is helpful for psoriasis, acne, rashes, ulcers, and cellulite.

For the emotional body, Sweet Birch is an emotional strengthener as well. She is both invigorating and arousing to the senses in order to awaken and enliven the energy bodies. When one is not feeling in their power, acting passive, timid, or shy, this powerful tree can support inner transformation. Sweet Birch is also a great supporter when it comes to working with others, serving the community, and teaching. She helps one to let go of the pains of life in order to embrace the many blessings. In the Love of self, the Love frequency wins over fear every time it is confronted. Sweet Birch supports this process and helps when toxic memories and experiences are ready to be released.

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