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Essence of the Week...Sweet Lime

Sweet Lime is a fruit native to the Indo-Malayan region. The whole organic fruit is steam distilled to extract the essential oils. There are several different types of Limes that have been grown all over the world. Our Sweet Lime essence grows in Sri Lanka.

Sweet Lime is anti-viral and a natural blood pH harmonizer. She is anti-anemic, and great for helping stomach imbalances like cramps and liver pains. A natural diuretic, Sweet Lime helps to balance the water body. Sweet Lime is a muscle relaxer for spasms and pain. She is excellent for the common cold, sore throat, cough, viral infections, and sinus congestion. Sweet Lime is a natural deodorant, skin astringent, and tonic.

Energetically, Sweet Lime is amazing in helping one to overcome addictions of any kind. She is anti-depressant, uplifting, stimulating, and refreshing. This amazing fruit helps to refreshen the mind and restore harmony. Sweet Lime teaches to take breaks, recharge the batteries, and rest up in order to truly feel great about the life that we get to live. She is a great friend when life starts to feel heavy and is lacking the happiness and joy that make life sweet. Sweet Lime reminds us of what truly inspires us, as well as the impact we have on others to inspire and support growth. When we are able to feel relaxed in our lives, we are able to extract the blessings, happiness, and goodness from every moment.


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