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Essence of the Week: Vetiver

Vetiver is a bunch grass with fragrant roots from India. She has been historically used in Chinese Medicine for dry skin, as a body coolant, to balance the emotions, and help to get rid of negativity. She is known as the "Oil of Tranquility" and "The Fragrance of the Soil".

Vetiver is a natural body coolant that can be used for fevers or in hot conditions. She helps the skin with cuts, wounds, irritations, wrinkles, and balancing oily and dry skin conditions. Vetiver is a pain reliever that helps with spasms as well as arthritic conditions. She helps to stimulate the pancreas and is good for diabetes, impotence, frigidity, and debility. Vetiver is wonderful to use when you are feeling exhausted, as she will help insomnia and the nervous system sedating.

Energetically, Vetiver is grounding and helps one with healthy boundaries and aura protection. She supports one in finding the joy in living again, and feeling the eternal spirit within that is timeless. When there are fears of dying, childbirth, or living daily life, Vetiver helps one to feel "at home" in the body and the human experience. She is wonderful for Postpartum Depression, and in uplifting the spirit.

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