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Essence of the Week: White Sage

White Sage is an evergreen shrub grown in Northern America and has been used by the natives in ceremony, cooking, and medicine for thousands of years. Her Latin name, "Salvia" comes from the words "to heal" or "to save".

White Sage is anti-fungal medicine that is great for the hair and skin. She is used as a natural deodorant, for staph infections, and for athlete's foot. The Sage family is amazing for the reproductive system, hormone balancing, and hot flashes. White Sage is great for the heart, the lungs, and for mental health. She is amazing for sore throats, mucus, and sinus infections.

Energetically, White Sage is an anti-depressant, helping to ward off negativity, darkness, and the shadow self. She is a powerful smudging tool used in ceremonies for protection and cleansing. When we need to resolve spiritual dilemmas, White Sage is a bright Light in a dark space. Commune with her and anoint when connecting to the spiritual worlds to manifest peace and oneness.


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