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Essence of the Week: Wild Lawson Cypress

Wild Lawson Cypress is a beautiful tree that grows along the Oregon-California coast. She was first discovered by Peter Lawson in Edingburgh, Scotland and then again in Oregon in 1854. Before that, she was well-known as a tree in Japan called Hinoki. This amazing Cypress Tree was determined enough to find trade routes and people to carry her overseas from Japan to the US - or she is a great example of how plants are found from their origins after Pangea separated.

Lawson Cypress is a very tall and hardy tree that is anti-viral and powerful against drug resistant organisms like MRSA. She is amazing for the lungs and respiratory infections, asthma, sinus issues, TB, and coughs. Lawson Cypress is wonderful for the heart and circulation, supporting the arteries and veins. She is a moon cycle harmonizer and hormone balancer, and is helpful for PMS, cramps, and menopause. For pain, she is a great healer for arthritic and rheumatic conditions as well as headaches. Lawson Cypress is a good option for the liver, pancreas, and genitourinary tract.

Energetically, Lawson Cypress supports the manifestation of inner visions and dreams with ease. She helps to remove adversity, strengthen boundaries, and purify and protect one's energy body. This amazing tree is also a great bridge when healing paternal or father traumas. She is anti-depressive and helps with anger and lack of concentration. When one needs grounding and elevating at the same time, this is a powerful ally and supporter in moving forward.


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