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Essence Protocol of the Week: Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia...

It's the month of May, and the nervous system is highlighted all month long. This week, we are looking at plants that help with brain healing for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. Our favorite three essences that support harmony with these disorders are Spanish Sage, Green Myrtle, and Spanish Marjoram.

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia are connected to one another. Actually, Alzheimer's Disease is the most common type of Dementia. Both result in the physical brain showing impaired memory, thinking, and behavior. It disrupts the neurons in the brain and how they work and communicate with one another. This brain impairment is caused by old age, genetics, one's environment, or one's lifestyle. Some people have no idea why they suffer from these diseases, but doctors say that leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the best prevention. All in all, older people (65 and up) are more likely to develop dementia than younger people. Also, those with brain issues, those who are lower educated, people who experienced mid-life hypertension or orthostatic hypotension, or people with diabetes, head trauma, or hyperhomocysteinaemia. As of today, there is no treatment or prevention that has been proven effective to combat Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia. This disturbance usually comes with feelings of loss of Hope, loss of the desire to live or face life, and loss of ability to cope with what has changed. We see this often times in elderly