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Filled with Grace & Truth...

A higher perspective of the situation,

What others are doing is not our creation.

There is no need to judge or criticize,

Fighting a battle is just not wise.

Prayers are kept in the heart for the best,

Letting go of the story is the biggest test.

There is an all-seeing eye and master plan,

Divine intervention is stronger than man.

It's time to face darkness with goodbyes,

The struggle is over, so dry the eyes.

Eclipsed by the Moon & charged with Light,

A new direction is paved, and it feels right.

Instead of pushing against a concrete wall,

It's time to move forward once and for all.

The heavens see us as students learning,

Circling back to Love, and again returning.

Accepting other situations and beliefs,

Not being attached or living in grief.

Keeping the focus on self-Love and healing,

Grateful for what the Universe is revealing.

Each layer a step toward a destiny so Divine,

In goodness we dwell and get aligned.

Growth is both for the elderly and youth.

Infinite Love is filled with Grace and Truth.

Whenever our eyes are open to see,

We are what we think we want to be.

The mind is the friend we feed with good,

Breathing deeply for our livelihood.

Grateful for this chance to learn and grow,

There is so much the mind needs to know.

The most important thing to remember,

Is to make the most of this living splendor.

Each being a blessing and sacred creation,

Nothing's greater than this Love activation.

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