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Poem of the Week: Spring Equinox Shift...

Illuminating the Light that brings healing,

Shining upon the Truth so revealing.

This is the season for cosmic alchemy,

The Equinox shifts into new reality.

Longer days and shorter nights,

Sending creations to new heights.

Radiating a fresh spark of genius,

Strengths overcoming any weakness.

Solar rays highlighting gifts so bright,

Elevating the spirit to take flight.

This is a time to plant new seeds,

To be of service with good deeds.

Bringing harmony to every extreme,

No longer sabotaging our biggest dreams.

This is a moment of time to shine,

Painting a brand new life design.

With the Light fueling the mission,

And the road map being intuition,

We spring forward on this expedition.

Happy Spring Equinox To All,

May We Rise Up and Answer The Call!


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