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Glory Be To Love...

Happy New Year! We are the great magicians that can transmute the challenges of 2020 and create a memorable and healing 2021. It is the very first week of the New Year, and the beginning or seed of a new chapter in our book of life. The planetary influence of the Sun is shining on us to ignite deep healing and Love from our hearts out to the multi-verse. The end of 2020 brought us eclipses and planetary conjunctions that cut some big energies out of our way in order for us to do the work we came here to do. There is no more going backwards with the wisdom and information we have available to us now. It is time for each of us to step up to the plate and no longer allow the doubt and fear to take the drivers seat. This is the year to expand out of the box of limitations and dream bigger. There are no physical limitations that can deny any of us from doing what we Love to do in this Age. The entire structure of our society is shifting and changing and will be forever changed. The question is, are you willing to adapt in order to align to our conscious evolution, or are you still hoping that everything will "return to normal"? Don't hold your breath because the old world is no longer a reality. Pieces of our old lives are now being used for a new puzzle that is unfolding before our eyes. We are seeing new ways to use technology and communication, whether we are working from home or socially distanced in person. This entire new year adds up to be a 5 which corresponds to the vibration of the planet Mercury. Mercury rules over technology, communication, and networking. If you have been resisting this new wave of technology, have no fear - this is your year to learn and grow beyond any limitations.

Twenty-One is a powerful number related to the tarot card in the major arcana called "The World". It is apparent that all of our new ways of communicating are supporting us to be able to reach the entire world. Literally everything can be done online these days, and therefore is able to reach any location connected to the internet. This includes the MOON! Technology is going to advance quite a bit this year, and we are going to be blown away with what is available and possible for humans in the coming years. As our rapid evolution continues to cycle through time and space, it is important that we keep our feet on the ground and in the soil, the natural waters, and the natural rocks and minerals that ground us and connect us back to what is real. This Earth is alive like us and our connection to it is more important than ever before. At the same time as we expand into new worlds of technology, we have to also go deeper into our relationship with nature. Just like all living beings have within them the chemistry to heal or to destroy themselves based on creating a balance, we have this same dance with the natural world. We are nature, and we need this connection to be balanced and healthy on all levels. There is no synthetic that could ever compare to nature in depth and complexity. This sophistication is aligned with our Divine Self and is what makes us an energetic being that can never be completely duplicated, no matter what technology advances are able to do. Any creation from man is flawed. The creations from Creator are everlasting and perfect in all of their complexity. When we zoom out to a whole world vision, we can see that we are so blessed to live on this planet with all living beings. Our minds are capable of being inspired to find new ways to live even more harmoniously than we ever have with all living beings.

We start the new year in a waning moon. The year is asking us to let it go... to let it all go. What old story do you continue to repeat over and over in your mind? Make a choice to let it go. What old clothes, house items, or closet/garage items do you need to get rid of? If it doesn't serve an important purpose or make you happy, then let it go. What relationships are tearing you apart, are abusive, or cause anguish? Let them go. Create space so the multi-verse can fill your year with what you absolutely LOVE.

Join us the first 12 days of the New Year for 30 minutes a day (3:33pm - 4:03pm PDT). If you can't make the time, there is a recording available for you to watch. We will connect, meditate, breathe, and discuss the two essences we are sending you (Sacred Thieves Blend & Black Cumin) and how to use them all year long for just about every health concern you may have. The first 12 days of the year correspond to the 12 months of the year, and we will plant seeds of health, wellness, breath, meditation, and community connection for the entire year in this simple 30-min attuning. Let's come together with nature to plant seeds that will inspire us to manifest our dreams in 2021. Happy New Year!

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