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Harvest Moon of Autumn

Autumn blessings of changing seasons,

Teaching the lessons of rhyme and reason.

Leaves shifting colors & falling from trees,

Seasonal allergies making us sneeze.

It's harvest time to gather abundance,

Coming together and sharing in oneness.

One of the four most powerful days,

Fall Equinox is a time to praise.

Balancing energies of Light and Dark,

Realigning with spirit to relight the spark.

Major breakthroughs of growth & change,

Letting go to rearrange.

Days much shorter and nights so cool,

Children starting to return to school.

Lighting up the evening sky,

This Full Moon has caught our 3rd eye.

She falls under Pisces to help us dream,

Intuitive blessings and cosmic Light beams.

This time of year helps us manifest,

Serving the lonely & physically oppressed.

Visions of harmony and peace for all,

Allowing the death of the past to fall.

Uncovering the magic and mysteries inside,

Following the heart and feeling satisfied.

A season of reflection and being reborn,

A harvesting time for pumpkins and corn.

Feel the power and tap into the healing,

This season brings in a whole new feeling.

Reset, recharge, go inward, and create,

A new beginning is never too late.

Excitement and joy to build anew,

The canvas is blank and it's all up to You!


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