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Rituals bring our tribes all together,

Holidays are celebrated in stormy weather.

Love, family, tradition, and prayer,

We find the time to show that we care.

Turn on that computer and tune into zoom,

We can meet with family in the living room.

This year is much different than ever before,

Isolated inside to rest and restore.

Either way, no one can shut down Love,

We will all find ways to rise up and above.

Holy days manifested through hardship,

Challenges birthed a great catharsis.

We are here to face ourselves once again,

How we have evolved from way back then.

Are we speaking kindly with Love and grace?

Have we lived in goodness or disgrace?

Do we see through the eyes of compassion?

Are we aware of the Laws of Attraction?

Waking up in the dream of this life,

We can overcome struggle and strife.

There is a rainbow of happiness and health,

That is greater than richness and wealth.

It comes from being True to our spirit,

Embracing it so to not fear it.

The power from living our Truth,

Will reflect resistance as clear proof.

Get past the blocks and stay steady,

The magic is here, are you ready?

Open your heart and pull back your sleeves,

The Universe supports all of your needs.

Just go for it and shine so bright,

Actualizing the dreams from the night.

It's a magical time, these Holy Days,

In gratitude and Love we give praise!

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