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Humble Feet Walking...

The head may think it knows,

But it doesn't have feet to go.

They have to work together,

To succeed at any endeavor.

The mind is the top of the tower,

Holding the thoughts of great power.

That power becomes low and fleeting,

When the unhealthy ego's succeeding.

The feet work hard without praise,

Servants giving selflessly for days.

It is only in times of humility,

That we manifest our true ability.

Living abundantly in peace,

When we allow superiority to release.

The Master, the idle, or desire,

Has no title that could ever be higher.

It's in Love, Wisdom, and Truth,

That we seek refuge, praise, and choose.

Source gives life and is freeing,

Uniting our souls as one BEing.

Bowing humbly to the One,

No one lost, and no one won.

There is nothing that needs to be proved,

In prayerful meditation we are renewed.

This is where the abundance lives,

Light is the provider that gives.

Bow to the heart where Love sits,

The guiding Light inside transmits.

The head and heart will start to talk,

This Light will remove the inner blocks.

Things will work and energy will move,

While we continue to work and improve.

Returning once again to the center,

Where the Light can clearly enter.

Grateful for this ability to surrender,

To the grace, the Love, and the splendor.

Humble hearts have compassion so tender,

Love is the great healer and mender.

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