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Life presents various emergency situations,

That open us up to different conversations.

Out of the blue and sometimes unexpected,

We will find ourselves so interconnected.

A new perspective with different priorities,

Asking for help from the top authorities.

What emerges out of emergency,

Is the Love, support, and prayer urgency.

Heart open wide to find new ways to give,

Coming together in wellness so all can live.

Disaster & devastation birth beauty & grace,

Every breath becomes a gift to embrace.

Grateful to be alive and able to serve,

Inspired by each Loving soul we observe.

Even though life can present a challenge,

The purpose is to restore perfect balance.

Be grateful for what emerges from the dark,

This life was never meant to be a walk in the park.

Embrace the story as it gently unfolds,

You never know what blessings the future holds.

Just remember there's no Love without sacrifice,

Out of destruction comes some of the best advise.

We learn, we grow, and we start again,

A curve ball gets thrown every now and then.

What is important to remember is that each soul goes through it,

No one is immune or has outgrew it.

Build compassion and understanding to share,

Have courage to help others and care.

What will help us all through times of distress,

Is grounding into Love as the healing process.

We have each other when times are rough,

Together our challenges are not as tough.

Extract the gift and see the best,

We will all rise from this great test.

The biggest lesson comes in how we use this to grow,

Sometimes the outcome is something we will never know.

Let us emerge from this challenge better than before,

Our challenges are an opening to a new door,

Going deeper into Love forever more!

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