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Lover of Life, Peace, and Goodness...

It is the 42nd week of the year and the planetary influence of Venus and archetype of "The Lovers" teach us to first Love ourselves, then to Love others as we Love ourselves, and finally to attach the energy of Love to the greatest and highest good of all. Pay attention to the choices you make and why you make them. Are they promoting self-Love, helping others to learn how to Love themselves more, or benefit the greatest and highest good of Love for all? We are not perfect beings, but our intentions guide us to being the most perfect versions of ourselves at any given time and space, putting us as close to perfection that we can be in that present moment. This is an authentic expression of being, living, and sharing with the virtue of Love.

Love is like the moon's reflection onto the vast sea. It is always changing, evolving, and shifting in tides and phases. Our lives are pure reflections of this evolving presence of Love, and have moments of manifesting the "perfect dream", as well as the duality that holds the challenging elements that push us to grow. The biggest mistake we make as beings is forgetting about the challenges that helped to make us who we are today. Without those very difficult times, we would have never been pushed to be better versions of ourselves. Rigidity can look like limitations of any kind, including toxic positivity. By never spending time contemplating the darkest times of our lives, how can we possibly appreciate the Lighter times? Love teaches us that there is no bias between the higher worlds and the lower worlds because there are no boundaries when Love is present. Love has no conditions when it is truly authentic. With patience and inner strength, Love can support the restoration of harmony and balance by expressing its vastness. Through Love, all things are possible.

This week we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day and an acknowledgement of our true history of how this country was founded. This Truth, along with many other historically painful Truths have been the conversation of controversy in recent years. Why? Some people believe that it is more important to forget or hide the past in order to move forward. We see this in our families, work situations, spiritual communities, and beyond. There is an action that is not favorable, and it is covered up or ignored. The resistance we have to the Truth is why we have perpetuated poor behavior for so long, and the reason why some hide behind these actions in order to keep unhealthy patterns alive. Nothing lasts forever except for forever, and Truth is the gift of a lifetime. At some point, all hidden Truths will be discovered. By pushing them into our future, we are only delaying the inevitable and stunting our own evolution in the process. Spiritual leaders say that by facing our challenges head on, accepting reality as it unfolds, we are able to set ourselves free of destructive cycles and move forward swiftly. So we have to ask ourselves at every twist and turn life presents, do we really want to be happy, healthy, and successful, or is it more important to avoid the Truth in order to make ourselves feel more comfortable?

The Spiritual Path is not a fancy or stylish brand we attach our image to, it is getting down and dirty into the Truths of the matter and fighting for what is righteous, even if we don't benefit from it. It is not always comfortable or joyful, but it is real. We can get together with like-minded people and find ways to celebrate any time we wish, but how often do we face ourselves and our relationship to our soul? How often do we allow ourselves to experience ourselves fully and completely? The pandemic and these times we are in have forced us to slow down and get more quiet, or they have pushed us into fear and anxiety that has caused irrational and reactive behavior. We are blessed enough to have the opportunity to choose which reality we wish to engage with, but our choices don't bring the same affects. One perpetuates the old paradigm of fear and reaction, while the other one has no other goal but to do what is in the greatest and highest good. Whatever path we choose, the goal is to Love the self and to live in congruence with the most authentic version of who we are deep inside. By honoring this soul essence, we can heal and/or manifest anything we desire.

Enjoy this Universal Jupiter Period, and expand in Love in mind, body, and spirit. Love may not be easy, but it contributes to a better world and better life. All we can do is try our best to be better and better every day. It is simple and it doesn't ever have to be complicated. Love is all we need, now and always! Keep it simple, and choose Love.

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