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Lunar Illumination...

The womb of creation so calm and quiet,

Inwardly reflective, dark, and private.

Nurturing family, Love, and the home,

Growing inwardly with roots and rhizomes.

The Divine Feminine finds strength inside,

Waxing in the Light and waning to hide.

Sacrificing in body, soul, and energy,

Adapting to change and creating synergy.

Sharing compassion for all living beings,

On a journey of Love, openly seeking.

The foundation of life, holding the dream,

The Divine Mother, the royal supreme.

Purity of intent, justice, and balance,

Strength to overcome any challenge.

When the Sun goes down and sky is dark,

The Lunar forces shine like the matriarch.

From youth to age, the woman illuminates.

Inspiring creation to build and to generate.

Grateful for the mother of all of creation,

Birthing the dreams of our inner gestation.

The Yin of existence to calm and soothe,

Stilling the mind in order to reveal the truth.

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