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Mantra of the Month: Archangel Groove...

Mantra & Meaning:

Ra Raphae Raphael

Mi Michae Michael

Ga Gabri Gabriel

Au Auri Auriel

This is an invocation of the four Archangels that are in charge of the four directions. They help us to heal, protect, nurture, and thrive as a soul in this lifetime and beyond. Invoking the Archangels helps to establish a relationship between the Physical and Spiritual worlds. Where there is Light, there is no darkness. When you need support from the Higher World and for the Light to shine its way through difficult times, this mantra can help to shift the energy, uplift, bring harmony, and protect you and your Loved ones. Always chant these sacred names with reverence and Love. Create a sacred space and an environment that welcomes in the power of unconditional Love.

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