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Monthly Numerology: 10 "Wheel of Fortune"

The entire month of October is influenced by the number 10, as it is the number of the month. The number ten brings us an energy of transformation and change. Ten is the "Wheel of Fortune", the archetype of motion, and the cycles in life. We all go through various energetic times of change that leads us to spiritual and emotional growth. There are times of being high and times of being low within each cycle. This is all part of our flow within the lessons of reincarnation. Looking at career, love relationships, location, and our attitude toward our current life situations, change may be needed. Instead of feeling like a hamster on the wheel, it is time to find balance between work and play. This is the month to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, while not trying to force anything. Life is an opportunity to manifest our greatest dreams and goals. Let go of the past and create those higher visions. Now is the time!