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Monthly Numerology: 12/December...

The entire month of December is influenced by the number 12, as it is the number of the month. The number twelve is the reflection of the physical plane and matter itself. Reducing to a 3, Jupiter brings good luck, fortune, travel, health, success, and prosperity this month. It is a month that our ability to expand and create are tested. "The Hanged Man" archetype asks us to look at things in a different light. In order to truly expand and grow, there is always some form of sacrifice made. The question is, what can we surrender to in order to allow and trust in flow of the natural life process? This month, remember to pause, take a breath, and be patient with whatever unfolds. Sometimes the hardest thing is to do nothing. Never be afraid to be true to who you are, and allow your independent thoughts and beliefs to guide the way. This is month to let go in order to have inner peace. The way to transcend a challenge is to trust the inner guidance that is coming through. Remember that with discipline and self-respect, the flow will always guide us toward the highest and greatest good.

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