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Monthly Numerology: 2nd Month of the Year

The entire month of February is influenced by the number 2 (the Moon), as it is the number of the month of the year. The number two card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The High Priestess.

This is the 2nd month of the year and this year is also filled with 2's... so what is the 2 really about? The Moon vibrates to the number 2, and this is the number that moves us from unity to duality. Tides and cycles are ruled by the rhythm of the Moon. It is connected to the home, family, cooking, children, and giving, as the lunar force is the Divine Feminine and the mother of the cosmos. The High Priestess is the tarot card associated with this number, and she is the intuitive messenger between the seen and unseen worlds. She is the receptacle of higher wisdom that is reflected in the fertile, creative energy she exudes. This month teaches us to see beyond the veil, to listen to our inner guidance, and to not allow the outer illusion to cause us to escape from our path of Truth, Love, and Wisdom. Find the center between the extremes of duality and flow with the guidance of the heart. Trust in the Universal guidance, go inward, and allow for a deeper understanding to unfold. This is a month for our dreams to unfold.

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