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Monthly Numerology: 2nd Month of the Year...

February is the second month of the year, and the number 2 is a vibration that contains the roots that go deeply inward for grounding, rejuvenating, and nurturing. This is a month to feel, to dream, to trust, and to follow one's gut instinct. There is a sense of desire to sacrifice for family, for Love, and for the home. Emotions can run high this month, so it is important to have an outlet for energy to manifest blessings instead of headaches. Drink more water than usual and spend time near water this month. The inner voice is singing songs of Truth, so listen carefully. Take time to cook, clean, and care for the home. It is the center stage for the family to thrive all month long. Work on a dream board, journal, and talk about what you have always wanted to manifest. The bigger picture may be calling for change, so be flexible. The inner world is reflecting what we create in the outer world, so make sure to align thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions with what is wanted. Pay attention to dreams at night and journal the ones you remember. There are hidden messages and insights that can be gained from them. Invoke Archangel Gabriel when feeling a need for direction, strength, and courage.

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