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Monthly Numerology: 3rd Month of the Year...

March is the third month of the year, and the number 3 is a vibration that contains the strength and ability to rise above all challenges. This is the month of giving and receiving energy, abundance, and growth. It is the time when the creative energy is running high and the Spring is manifesting new growth and expansion. This month brings good luck, travel, justice, and charity. It is a wonderful time to find our inner strengthens and talents and water those seeds until they are nurtured to grow. We will feel the need to give back and care for the causes that keep us motivated on our path of goodness. Dance, sing, give Love, serve, eat healthy, create blessings, and nurture what you Love the most this month. Archangel Tsadkiel is the master of justice and good fortune. When there is a need to dissolve negative thoughts and beliefs, releasing heaviness, and letting go of the past, this is the perfect angel to call upon for support. He is known to bring miracles and help us remember who we truly are and that we are one with the Divine. Remember that all beings are equal, and embrace the abundant blessings that make you, you. This is going to be an amazing month to step into the blessings. Are you ready?


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