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Monthly Numerology: 4th Month of the Year

The entire month of April is influenced by the number 4 (Uranus), as it is the number of the month. The number four card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The Emperor.

The Emperor is an archetype of stability. Concrete, metal, and rock in the imagery symbolize that after hard work, discipline, and self-control, we can take charge of our own destinies. This vibration shares a sense of security to become a true leader by stepping into one's own power and authority. There is a feeling of logic over intuition, or mind over heart with this energy. This month can support healing father issues and the Divine Masculine within us all. Not everything has to be hard in life, so it is also important to keep things Light and not be so hard on ourselves.

Uranus, the bringer of positive change, has one goal - and that is to manifest unconditional Love in all beings. This can be an easy lesson or a painful struggle, but the power of Uranus is undeniable. Love can be revolutionary, and the month of April tests us on our ability to choose Love over suffering. It is a month for true heart healing and transformation. Embrace the little, or sometimes bigger, shifts and changes that are happening now. They are ultimately guiding you and and your life toward Love.

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