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Monthly Numerology: 5th Month of the Year...

May is the 5th month of the year, and the number 5 offers the vibration of Mercury and the energy of the archetype of The Hierophant. Mercury challenges the mind, our thoughts, the words we say, technologies, and all forms of communication. This month (and always), we have to be aware of the words we use and how our communication lands in the eyes and ears of our communities. Are we speaking with Love, kindness, compassion, and honesty? For half of this month, Mercury is retrograde. We are able to look back at the past and bring closure, completion, and healing to the conversations and situations calling for it. It is a great month for closing open doors of the past in a healing ritual or spiritual practice.

The Hierophant shows us that we have an inner teacher that is guiding us when we have the heart to listen. There are structures and frameworks available to follow, and there is intuition and our 6th sense that guides toward what is right for us individually. This is a month to work together with others in the community for the greater good. Partnerships with those who share goals and values can be profitable and healing. It is a great time to invest in low risk money management opportunities as well. Whether we feel called to follow ancient traditions or start our own, the heart is the ultimate guru and guide this month and always. It is a great time to explore all of the alternative ways to heal and strengthen. When we each become the masters of our own personal destinies, we are able to appreciate where we came from and see the potential of what we can become.

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