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Mudra of the Month:

Mudra To Neutralize the Duality of the Mind

Mudra means "To Please", and is a way to invoke the unseen forces for health and happiness. You can literally manifest your destiny with the palm of your hands. Mudras are a type of sign language to the angelic realm. Every day, hire the angels of Light and fire the angels of darkness with Mudra Therapy.

This month we add another "2" to the date with the February vibration in the year 2022. To address these "2's" we need to look at our relationship to duality. There are extremes in the poles of differences, and there is a middle path. The key to finding peace and creating magic in the "2" vibration is to stay in the middle path. The middle road is neutrality, harmony, balance, and mildness amidst the energies of severity and mercy. This month's mudra helps one to find congruency within duality. This hand posture can be used to neutralize the mind in thought and chemistry, and will even address bipolar disorder. From indecisiveness to lunacy, by practicing this mudra regularly, one can balance the dualistic nature that causes us problems.

Gyan Mudra (thumb to index finger) is a powerful mudra to help balance the brain. The fingers are connected to the neck and head, or the higher world. As we interlace the fingers, we are balancing the brain and activating more harmony in the mind of thought. Together, this hand posture induces a more harmonious way of thinking, and helps to release the need to live in extremes. As we create a calm command center, the result is an outer reality that reflects more harmony and grace.

How To Get Into The Mudra:

1. Straighten the spine in a comfortable posture sitting, standing, or laying down.

2. Rub your hands together vigorously.

3. With your hands open and palms face up, gently interlace the fingers, all except the index (Jupiter) and thumb (Mars).

4. Touch thumb tip (Mars) to index tip (Jupiter) on both hands.

5. Straighten the fingers open.

4. Relax your shoulders down and away from your ears.

5. Smile, breathe, and hold the mudra here for 3 - 11 minutes. Chanting the healing mantra "RaMaDaSaSaSaySoHung" or breathing a 3-Point Breath (See Below) are both wonderful to do while holding any mudra.

3-Point Breath (Optional):

Inhale for a count of 20, Hold the breath for a count of 20, Exhale for a count of 20. Repeat this breath for 3 - 11 minutes to calm the mind and bring balance to the brain.

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