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Oxen - The Humble Servant of Light...

As strong as an Ox and solid in form,

This inner strength sets one up to perform.

Overcoming the hardships and limitations,

Determination is the primary foundation.

A dumb Ox, however, is opposite from this,

Making a fool of oneself that others dismiss.

Known for their inappropriate behavior,

This person tends to be someone's savior.

If the Ox is in the ditch, then times are dire,

Get where you need to go before it expires.

Drop everything, and don't even flinch,

These times require flexibility in a clinch.

Oxen are the humble workers on Earth,

The strong ones with great value & worth.

They push through their personal needs,

In order to help others to fully succeed.

Smart or dumb, these Oxen have courage,

They move forward and always flourish.

As we know, the meek shall inherit the land,

Hearts open, these beings understand.

It's not about selfish, personal desire,

But how we can become a Love amplifier.

Bringing life together in deep gratitude,

Living and teaching a positive attitude.

When the Oxen inside awakens to purpose,

The soul will understand selfless service.

Cultivating Will with passion and creativity,

Putting goodness first to release negativity.

Using inner strength to be a guiding Light,

This incarnation is a Love rewrite.

What kind of Ox are you feeding this year?

Intelligent strength or stuck in first gear...

Keep moving forward into the blessings,

The Light is shining and not repressing,

It's in the heart where there's no guessing,

The power of Love is Divinely expressing.

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