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Poem of the Week: Allowing Myself To Be...

Practicing mindfulness with each breath,

Living life the fullest without fear of death.

Peace in each moment by slowing down,

Seeing the self in everyone around.

No place to reach at the end of a struggle,

No lies to the self that only cause trouble.

Just a simple life of connecting and sharing,

No guilt, shame, or need for comparing.

All part of a whole, no matter how different,

One with the Light and the almighty omnipotent.

Some days good and some days bad,

Focusing on the blessings that make us glad.

There is nothing greater than the gift of life,

Grateful for every moment that brings delight.

Because one day it will all be gone,

With no more dusk and no more dawn.

And when we look back at the life we lived,

We will see an open heart that could Love and forgive.

The happy memories and the soul connections,

Wonderful relationships filled with Loving affection.

Here to share kindness and give others hope,

Those are the small things that matter the most.

Life is too short, so we live joyfully right now,

Being free to Love and to simply allow.

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