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Poem of the Week: Carbon Copy...

Deciding in my heart and soul,

I will work hard to achieve my goal.

Being present every single day,

Praying that life will work my way.

Either scenario of trying or being,

I continue praying and believing.

What goes out will always return,

Teaching us what we need to learn.

This life gives us what we share,

Staying Light and learning how to care.

It's not an individual trip,

Together we unite at the hip.

When we live for ourselves and others,

Learning how to care for our brothers.

Offering kindness to animals and plants,

Compassion becomes our only stance.

This selfless act of giving and receiving,

Unshakable faith in goodness we're believing,

We get to witness the grace we are conceiving.

It's so simple, if I can say,

How best to live each and every day.

Whatever you want and desire right now,

Become that gift, let go, and allow.

You are your goals, your visions, and your dreams,

So give nothing but Love because Love is supreme!

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