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Poem of the Week: Choosing the Road Wisely...

Raised with two religions in the home,

A Love for God grew deeply.

I knew in faith I wasn't alone,

As I witnessed praying weekly.

A leader and followers were in the church,

In the mosque the same was observed.

Everyone was on a spiritual search,

In the teachings that were preserved.

As I aged I did some research,

To find the true way of my heart.

I sought ancient wisdom to rebirth,

What was in my soul from the start.

After years of guidance by a teacher,

And trusting the source of my lessons.

I learned the truths about the leaders,

That I knew from my first impressions.

I was trained to turn a blind eye,

To stay quiet in the vision of Truths.

When the Master continued to deny,

Encouraging the patterns of abuse.

The lesson was clear on the spiritual path,

That there were land mines waiting to explode.

No one has to live another's wrath,

We all get to choose our own road.

I have left the idea of a spiritual teacher,

To find my own way in the Light.

I see myself now as a sacred weaver,

Connecting with Love & the Earth with delight.

I forgive the past and move ahead,

With a clear heart and a vision of peace.

I choose Love, joy, and happiness instead,

Watching the beauty in my life increase.

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