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Poem of the Week: Communication Is Key...

The doorway between you and me,

Loving communication is truly key.

The lock was built from pain or hurt,

Quieting down the extrovert.

Perceptions held from past exposure,

Have caused the loss of composure.

But the golden key is indeed,

Communication so great in need.

A simple act of vibration,

So powerful to unite an entire nation.

It takes real Love and compassion,

To be able to speak without reaction.

To take the time and respect,

To give to another so direct.

Communication reflects the wisdom,

Liberating us out of an inner prison.

Having a heart so open and forgiving,

Reminds us why we manifested living.

Words and feelings open the heart,

Uniting souls who have been apart.

Conveying how we truly feel,

Finding understanding & being real.

This is the meaning of healing,

Facing each other without concealing.

The master inside has no need to hide,

Because goodness will always provide.

Communicate and share your Love,

As there is no frequency higher above.

In order to unlock the inner debris,

Speak truth with Love and set it free.

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