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Poem of the Week: Consciously Kind...

Sometimes easier said than done,

Sacrificing oneself is very righteous.

Projecting like the Light of the Sun.

Helping those who are facing a crisis.

Every breath is a gift that we share,

Together in harmony on the Earth.

We are compassionate beings who care,

Every one with great value and worth.

We have the choice to live each day,

Selfishly careless or consciously kind.

We can curse, shame, and betray,

Or choose actions much more refined.

Just look at the world and humans today,

See the choices we've already made.

There are wars and people in dismay,

Fleeing the land and living afraid.

How can we serve to heal and protect,

On this planet as one force together?

Restoring harmony and peace to reflect,

A great collaborative healing endeavor.

The choice to help others and serve,

Is the ability to act for the greatest good.

Opening our eyes to honestly observe,

What higher beings truly understood.

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