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Poem of the Week: Expecting The Best...

Things are always working in my favor,

Life is good and keeps getting greater.

All I need is within me right now,

When I ask my heart, it tells me how.

I am an unstoppable force of good,

Manifesting blessings like I knew I could.

Challenges arise and I don't get upset,

Fearless and powerful, nothing's a threat.

When I set out to start something new,

Success sticks to me like a dab of glue.

Goodness follows me wherever I go,

I always have what I need to know.

Blessings pour into my mind, body, and soul,

I surrender to the Universe and completely let go.

Guided and protected, all things are working out,

I am Loved by the cosmos without a doubt.

I am the best and I expect it too,

My attitude attracts a life so true.

Gratitude fills my heart every day,

This life is a game that we get to play,

Expecting the best is my favorite way!

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