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Poem of the Week: Finding Your Way...

Raised to listen, follow directions, and pay attention,

Learning from others who seemed to have the best intentions.

Then off on your own to figure out the way,

A life you want to live in the game you choose to play.

So many beliefs, goals, and bottom lines,

Paying attention to directions and following the signs.

The path starts unfolding and creating a road,

Like a mathematical problem ready to decode.

Tests of resistance always there in the waysides,

Causing challenges and taking you on hay rides.

But when the dream means more than the chase,

A greater power intervenes with Divine grace.

And the road then becomes a highway of vision,

Manifesting blessings with every decision.

Love guiding the way and goodness prevailing,

Higher intentions unfolding and unveiling.

All the goodness at the price of Truth,

Following the heart and reaping the fruit.

Navigate this life with Loving intention,

And reality becomes limitless in a Loving dimension.


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