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Poem of the Week: Gifted with Gratitude...

Grateful for the sacred breath,

And each day I get to live.

Not afraid of my inevitable death,

Or ability to forgive.

Grateful for my good health,

And the health of those I Love.

The ability to manifest wealth,

And abundant gifts from above.

Grateful for Mother Earth,

Plants, animals, and sunshine.

For my parents that gave birth,

And all those in my bloodline.

Grateful for my challenges,

And the pain that makes me grow.

But also for what balances,

Setting my rhythm back in flow.

Grateful for the healing beats,

To sing, to dance, and to play.

For living a beautiful life of peace,

Where blessings fill each day.

Thank you to the Universe,

For reflecting mercy and grace.

Infinite Love that's so diverse,

Where compassion is the pace.

Gratitude reminds me I'm blessed,

In a dark world so conflicted.

That anything can manifest,

When we focus on how we're gifted.

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