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Poem of the Week: Grateful For The Mothers...

Sacrifice is a simple word for her Loving actions,

To this day she gives her heart, which started before contractions.

She emulates the golden glow of a sunrise in the morning,

Pure in heart-filled intent with wisdom so transforming.

Mom has always been there in sickness and in health,

Putting her family first, even before Loving herself.

Working hard all day to then come home and be present,

A warm heart always there to hug a growing adolescent.

Always working hard to get us what we needed,

Making sure her children have support and cheering when we succeeded,

The glue that holds us all together, mothers are gifts to celebrate,

Sharing a Love so healing, they help us recalibrate.

Thank you mom for being you and sharing your heart so freely,

You are the wings that help me fly, and I Love you fully and completely.

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