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Poem of the Week: Healing & Moving On...

Sometimes things cannot be fixed,

Here to teach us they can exist.

Communication and an open heart,

Are healing areas we can impart.

But when a challenge has gotten too big,

The Universe asks us to go in and dig.

Forgiving, healing, and letting go,

Teaching us what we need to know.

Healing happens inside to out,

Making us Light without a doubt.

Never trying to make others change,

Love is the ultimate healing exchange.

A time to focus on how we evolve,

Not wasting time on problems to solve.

As discord and strife come to teach,

Healing releases with words and speech.

Turning deep anger into our art,

Not allowing others to close our big heart.

This moment in time and space is lit,

Highlighting strengths and feelings legit.

By honoring Truth and moving on,

The suffering has melted away and is gone.

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