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Poem of the Week: Healing The Wounded Child Within

Lessons have manifested to create the path,

Each challenge a blessing and not an attack.

Why do we suffer these wounds so deep?

Sharing similar themes, yet truly unique.

Pain from childhood was stuffed inside,

Too much shame and guilt to hide.

Abuses, neglect, and suffering to the core,

By not addressing it, we have manifested more.

The inner wound may still feel cruddy,

Until the heart is care-fully studied.

Giving a voice to the one who couldn't speak,

Strengthening the soul who has been feeling so weak.

Expelling gossip with the Light of the truth,

Explaining what happened in the days of your youth.

Finally freeing the prisoner within,

In order for this new life to begin.

It's not about being right or making someone wrong,

It is about freeing a part of the self who has suffered so long.

Until I accept and Love me and you do the same,

We will continue to cycle around an abusive game.

These stories are reflections of a lesson so Divine,

You have one to tell, and I have mine.

Let's respect one another with a moment and a pause,

And realize each other and a much greater cause.

Because as we have separated ourselves from each other,

We will soon understand we are sisters and brothers.

Our gains and our losses are not just our own,

We are all affected, and healing brings it home.

Healing the inner child takes courage and trust,

Letting the past go is a definite must.

Once these bumps in the heart-road clear,

The strength of this process will persevere.

Less to carry around and hold deep inside,

Free and Light with no more to hide.

Angels, guides, and higher beings help to see,

This healing journey is all about being free.

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