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Poem of the Week: Leading with Strength...

True strength comes out of grace,

Showing compassion and kindness.

Moving away from the "race",

To open our eyes to the blindness.

True power come from the humble,

Manifesting a gentle will.

Holding space for darkness to crumble,

And the deeds of Love to fulfill.

To be in charge as a leader,

Is a power that earns respect.

Not acting like a defeater,

But serving to uplift and protect.

Leading with Love shows great strength,

Defining character and intention.

Willing to go to any length,

Giving the "needs" proper attention.

A great leader serves the group,

Bringing out the best in all.

Supporting the whole troupe,

So that no one has to fall.

With the egos out the door,

Each heart swings wide open.

Rising higher than before,

No one ever has to feel broken.

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