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Poem of the Week: Living The Dream...

From a prayer for happiness made every day,

We are creating it now in our own unique way.

We have answered the call and have a direction,

Birthing out of a deeply desired connection.

The vision is large and the dream is big,

Promising destiny we will never renege.

The vision comes from a need to create,

Living it relieves a hefty weight.

The source of fulfillment in this one life,

Is to follow the heart and its wise advice.

Trusting the self and the inner knowing,

Allowing the space for learning and growing.

Each dream a creation of a greater Divine plan,

Guided by intuition, not a woman or a man.

Harnessing the power of a prayer unfolding,

Destiny is expressing, and the Light is beholding.

Each step closer, but the journey's the best.

Living this dream is life's greatest test.

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