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Poem of the Week: #MeToo...

I was a young girl when I was first exposed,

My sister married a pedophile.

Before I could process it the door was closed,

Because my family was in denial.

He pled guilty to two crimes in '85,

Sexing and molesting two minor teens.

The judges verdict came alive,

A felony and misdemeanor was what he received.

Five years later he molested me,

In my home after volleyball practice.

Walking away completely scot-free,

I hid in fear while his charm distracted.

Years later when I got the courage,

To share my story with my Loved ones.

I wasn't received, and greatly discouraged,

Holding in deep pain in large sums.

Over the years, the story was twisted,

And I was to blame for it all.

Until one day when court papers assisted,

The Truth to shed Light to recall.

I may have lost family and people I Loved,

But I have my integrity and inner knowing.

I am protected by all of the angels above,

And have a freedom that's overflowing.

I celebrate Independence Day this year,

Feeling Lighter with the Truth on paper.

One thing is now crystal clear,

You can hurt a girl, but you can never break her.

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