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Poem of the Week: Nature Is Holding Us Together...

Bare feet walk gently upon the soil,

At night anointed with essential oil.

Drinking tea made up of herbs,

Hugging trees with whistling birds.

Watching the sun rise as I wake,

Sunset beauty gives my soul a break.

Wind signals different types of changes,

Leaves and branches give their exchanges.

Flowers greet those who walk by,

Clouds share messages in the sky.

Animal totems appear to teach,

Sharing messages with energetic speech.

Alive and awake with gratitude each day,

Finding balance so the inner child can play.

With nature as a friend and guide,

No pain or feeling needs to hide.

There is a gentle healer guiding the way,

Helping to forgive and and heal each day.

As a human on this planet,

I know nature can't be taken for granted.

It is our rescue from disconnect,

A healer of pain that deserves respect.

Strong enough for all types of weather,

Nature is truly holding us together.

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